Victorville Balloons & Candy Tables

Here at Carter’s Balloons & Candy Creations, balloons and candy are two things that virtually everyone loves. We can create a beautiful candy table that matches the event theme and gives guests delightful treats to choose from.

Candy Tables Themes

These days, it is quite common for weddings to have themes, and our balloons can help contribute to the theme and atmosphere that the happy couple has selected. We can form our balloons into different shapes, designs, and structures to contribute to the underlying theme that buttons up the entire wedding. Additionally, we can make sure the candy table has sweets and treats that stick to the theme of the event as well (perhaps by matching up the color of the candy wrappers with the color of the rest of the wedding). Sticking on the theme throughout creates a beautiful visual, which we want to provide to our customers whenever possible.

Balloon Sculptures

We use Qualatex balloons which have a beautiful shine and are also easy to use in balloon sculptures. We will work with the event planner to determine what kind of balloon sculptures they might want to have for their big day, and then we will design those sculptures. This process is not something that just any event planner or wedding organizer can do. Rather, you should rely on our years of experience to bring you the kind of balloon sculptures that make the most sense for your wedding day. A few of the different types of sculptures that we have worked on in the past include:

  • Trains
  • Ice cream cones
  • Horses
  • Cars
  • Arches

Whatever it Takes

Whatever makes the most sense for the theme and message the bride and groom want to portray on their wedding day is what we will work with them to make just right. It is our sincere hope and desire that we will get them the kind of materials that they want to see.

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